Smokefree Highlights Research Showing Electronic Cigarettes May Be Helpful for Quitting Smoking A study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine suggests that e-cigarettes may hold promise as a smoking cessation method.

Smokefree, the maker of electronic cigarettes, has heard from many customers that Smokefree e-cigs have helped them quit smoking.

This trend was recently confirmed by an American Journal of Preventive Medicine abstract that reports promising results from a study on the effectiveness of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation using a survey of smokers who had tried e-cigarettes.

“This survey is right in line with the feedback we have heard from satisfied Smokefree customers,” said Abhinav Girdhar of Smokefree Marketing, which represents Smokefree e cigs. “These e-cigs may be able to give people that extra boost that finally gets them off cigarettes.”

According to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the survey was conducted because anecdotal evidence has “generated much publicity among the smoking-cessation community and support from dedicated users; however, little is known about the efficacy of the device as a smoking-cessation tool.”

The online survey was sent to first-time electric cigarette purchasers over a two-week period. The survey asked about the user’s patterns with e-cigarette consumption and whether it was an effective smoking cessation aid. The primary outcome variable of the survey was the rate of smoking abstinence at 6 months after the first e-cigarette purchase.

The results of the survey showed 31.0% had fully stopped smoking at six months. 66.8% reported smoking fewer cigarettes, and 48.8% said they had stopped smoking for a period of time. For respondents who used e-cigs more than 20 times daily, a whopping 70.0% quit completely. Of those who had stopped smoking at the 6-month mark, 34.3% were not using any nicotine products at all.

The abstract noted that “findings suggest that e-cigarettes may hold promise as a smoking-cessation method” and recommended additional study.

“I have been a die hard pack a day smoker for 20+ years. I am a female in my early 40′s and I was looking for the right E-Cigarette to use to assist me to quit smoking,” said Smokefree customer Mel. “I cannot speak highly enough of this product. I was able to eliminate smoking harmful chemical cigarettes the same day. Using Smokefree is so similar to smoking a real cigarette and it really works to satisfy your cravings for nicotine. I give this product an A+ without a doubt. If you are a slave to cigarettes and are tired of it, this is the product for you. IT REALLY WORKS!”

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The Cream of Society Chooses Electronic Cigarettes

Celebrities have embraced the e cig trend and many famous people from models to actors have been spotted ‘vaping’ in public. The elite of Hollywood and the entertainment industry are catching on quickly to e cig technology. It’s fantastic that so many people have quit smoking and have chosen a smoke that doesn’t have the drawbacks of stinky, unhealthy and harmful traditional cigarettes.

Lindsay Lohan

Whether you love her or loathe her you simply can’t ignore this controversial starlet. This celebrity party girl is always in the news, and she doesn’t exactly have a reputation for living the clean life! However, it would appear that recently Lindsay has been making more health conscious choices, and she has been spotted smoking e-cigarettes.

Perhaps this is a signal that this bad girl is on her way to becoming a reformed character, I hope her recent switch to smoking e-cigs fuels her motivation for a healthier lifestyle. It would be great to see Miss Lohan put her troubled past behind her so keep up the good work Lindsay!

Charlie Sheen

Bad boy actor and star of Two and a Half Man Charlie Sheen has taken to e-cigs. He was able to sidestep the smoking ban by using e-cigarettes. His crazy antics led to him firing up an e-cig on stage during his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour in 2011. Although this star has courted controversy on many occasions he made a wise and health conscious choice when he turned to e- cigarettes. In fact he was so impressed with smokefree cigarettes that he has partnered up with a popular e-cigarette company to launch the NicoSheen brand of e-cig. Although it is rumoured that Sheen still also smokes traditional cigarettes he is known as man of excess, and perhaps this also applies to nicotine!

Kate Moss

Arguably one of the most famous supermodels in the world, this English Rose is renowned for her sizzling hot looks and her rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. We all know that traditional cigarettes contribute to wrinkles and aging of the skin, so electronic cigarettes will help Kate to retain her youthful appearance and model looks. It is rumoured that Kate turned to e-cigarettes after numerous attempts to quit smoking tobacco failed miserably. And while she’ll still get her nicotine kick, she has finally shaken off the chattels of the evil weed without gaining any weight. Kate Moss hasn’t disclosed her brand of choice yet, but we’re waiting with baited breath.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Dubbed the ‘smoking cyclist’ or more accurately the ‘vaping cyclist’ Leonardo is yet another celebrated actor who has embraced the e-cig habit. He was one of the first stars to cotton on to this new technology.

Back in March 2009 Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted smoking an e-cig while out cycling! While smoking a tobacco cigarette on a push bike is an unpleasant idea, a smokeless cigarette won’t fill your lungs with tar. Perhaps this is the way forward for all fitness fanatics who enjoy cigarettes but who don’t want to clog their lungs with fetid tobacco smoke.

Katherine Heigl

Glamorous actress Katherine Heigle is another star who has made the switch to electronic cigarettes. Motherhood spurred her on to make healthier choices, which naturally included giving up tobacco. A gorgeous actress like Katherine doesn’t want yellow teeth, bad skin and wrinkles! E cigarettes do not starve the skin of oxygen and cause premature aging, so we will hopefully be able to appreciate Katherine’s beauty for many years to come.

Katherine Heigl publicly endorsed e-cigarettes in September 2010 on live national television. She sung their praises on the Late Show with David Letterman while actually smoking her Smoke Stik Hendu Elite e-cig. During a discussion about the effectiveness of Champix (smoking cessation medication), they both agreed that the medication had not been affective for Katherine. David Letterman was so curious about e cigs that he had to have a couple of ‘vapes’ on her e-cigarrette.

Johnny Depp

Heart throb and award winning actor Johnny Depp was captured smoking an e-cig on the silver screen during The Tourist. During this film Depp is shown several times ‘vaping’ on an e cigarette. Many e-cig users consider this to be a signal that ‘vaping’ in public is not only socially acceptable now, but that smoking electronic cigarettes is also mainstream. It’s worth mentioning at this point that Johnny Depp is ‘vaping’ right next to a no smoking sign during the scene on the train.

An actor being filmed publicly ‘vaping’ in a Hollywood movie is an exciting development, and it’s great that more people are finally ‘seeing the light’. Although the brand has not been confirmed, many e-cig connoisseurs have suggested that it looks like a Smokefree e-cig.

These are just a few celebrities who have caught onto the benefits of e cigarettes. One thing’s for sure; e cigs are gaining popularity and we’ll see increasing numbers of cigarette smokers in the media.


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Electronic Cigarettes beat Patches & Chantix Hollow

E-cigarettes is a more popular Google search term than nicotine replacement therapy, Chantix (an anti-smoking drug), or snus (a new form of smokeless tobacco), according to a study published online this week by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. A survey released at the same time by the journal hinted that the battery-powered cylindrical devices, which provide nicotine but no tar or smoke, might help people quit smoking. Here’s why.

The survey focused on 216 people who bought e-cigarettes for the first time. Six months later, 31 percent had stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes, and of those 57 percent were still using e-cigarettes, 9 percent were using other tobacco-free nicotine products, and about a third had given up all nicotine products.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as many people refer to them, offer up a lot of advantages when comparing them to regular cigarettes. You get a lot of advantages, but without losing out on the ritual that is smoking. They still look like a real cigarette and you do the same thing – put them to your mouth and take a drag. You still get your nicotine fix that you crave, but you also get a lot of added benefits along with the cherished nicotine that smokers cannot live without.

Even though you get your dose of nicotine, you are not getting many of the other harmful components of smoking real cigarettes. Most importantly, you are not inhaling the perhaps thousands of other harmful chemicals that you inhale with each drag of a normal cigarette. You are also not getting that nasty tar into your body. This tar sticks to your lungs and arteries and clogs them up, leading to serious health problems.
You are also avoiding the smell of smoke, because an electronic cigarette does not burn and it does not emit smoke into the atmosphere. You are not inhaling smoke; you are inhaling a vapor that has nicotine in it. This not only means that it doesn’t smell like real cigarettes smell, it also means that you are allowed to smoke anywhere you like.
As you know, smoking is pretty much prohibited everywhere. You can’t go to the bar and smoke at the bar while having a drink, you can’t have a cigarette after a meal at your table in a restaurant, and you can’t drink a coffee at a coffee shop with a real cigarette in hand. You can do all of this with an e-cig, because there is no smoking coming from it and polluting the atmosphere around you. It really is a great solution for people who are sick of not being able to smoke anywhere.

It will also save you a lot of money in the end. If you take the money that you need to buy real cigarettes for a week, you can spend the same amount of money to buy your e-cigarette and nicotine cartridges that will last you almost twice as long. Considering that the price of real cigarettes keeps increasing and that you are spending a fortune on them, you will probably be able to save thousands of dollars a year by switching to electronic cigarettes. It really is a perfect solution, and with so many things going for electric cigarettes, there is no reason for you to not give them a shot at least and see whether or not you like them.

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The Astonishing Electric Cigarette that Changes People

Mad as it sounds, someone has invented an electronic cigarette which tastes and smokes like a real cigarette – but it isn’t a cigarette. It contains no tobacco and the “smoke” is just vapour, yet you can blow real smoke rings. State of the art micro-electronic technology produces a realistic smoking experience to help satisfy the habit and craving. No tar, no nicotine, no carcinogens, no smell and unaffected by the smoking ban, this glowing “smoking” re-chargeable e-cigarette is safe and legal to smoke inside, without being harmful to yourself or others.

Cigarette smoke is responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Smokers can take their health back by investing in a new product, which does not emit harmful chemicals. There are some wonderful benefits of Electronic Cigarettes:

Electronic cigarettes are devices which are used by smokers to quit smoking. This is a healthier way of smoking and the manufacturers claim that this can really help people in stopping and reducing addiction. The person inhales the vaporized nicotine produced by this device. This nicotine is produced from the propylene glycol. This is called nicotine solution which gets vaporized once the sensors that are present in the device detect air flow from the mouth piece when the user tries to smoke. The flavor experienced by the smoker is almost the same when they inhaled a tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes are non-polluting, non-flammable and non-carcinogenic. The smoker can inhale just the nicotine vapor and is not affected by that tar and tobacco which is found in the cigarettes. The state-of-the-art micro-electronic technology provides the user a real-time experience of smoking without affecting the environment and the people around. Normal cigarettes release about 4000 harmful chemical substances in addition to nicotine. This is avoided by the electronic cigarettes. The ingredients of the electronic cigarettes are not cancer-causing agents.

Electric cigarettes have come a long way from their initial version. The current version looks more realistic and is comparatively more user friendly as compared to the earlier ones. The user gets almost the same satisfaction as the conventional cigarette. However, the major advantage is that it just offers ‘the experience’ of smoking but does not produce smoke. Unlike traditional cigarettes which release a cloud of smoke after a puff, there is no visual residue while using electronic cigarettes. Hence, people around are not affected due to passive smoking. The usual effects of smoking like development of yellow fingers and teeth are completely prevented.

But, while using the electronic cigarette, the user would not know how much of nicotine vapor they have inhaled which is quite dangerous. This is because when the smoker uses a cigarette, they stop once a whole cigarette is exhausted. Electronic cigarettes would work as long as the battery is charged. Even if the charge gets exhausted, nicotine solution is still present. A fully charged e-cig can work for several hours thus, the user should be aware of the amount of vapor he is inhaling. Too much of inhaling can cause side effects of excessive nicotine in the body.

Electronic cigarettes are not legal in all the countries around the world. Beginners should be careful enough to inhale mild doses of nicotine vapor. There is a legal age to start using these devices. The effect of the electronic cigarettes is the same as the real cigarettes. However, since the vapor released by the electronic cigarettes is harmless, it can be used in a non-smoking or smoking-prohibited areas like restaurants, parks and public areas.

Smokers can enjoy and experience the physical and emotional sensations of Smokefree electronic cigarettes india. Though the nicotine side effects are still present, the other more serious problems caused due to the harmful ingredients of cigarettes can be totally eliminated.

Lastly, smoking using electronic cigarettes is comparatively cheaper than the traditional smoking.


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High-Tech Electronic Cigarettes: The Amazing Products

A lot have been practically said about electronic cigarettes india, a revolutionary electronic product that is circulating around India these days. Many people are curious on what this product is all about. But, with many introduced electronic cigarettes in the market, one outstands among others. This one is produced by the renowned Smokefree Electronic Cigarettes.

The leader and driving force behind this growing product is its superiority in all ways. Smokefree electronic cigarettes are the newest and most high state of the art electronic cigarettes and accessories in the market today. With the look similar to that of a tobacco cigarette, Smokefree electronic cigarettes makes the smokers’ experience as close to the real tobacco as possible. It is superior in all ways. From a life-like feel to smoking without pungent odor that makes it possible to smoke in private and close areas where smoking is prohibited.

This product brings you the newest and most high quality state of the art electronic cigarettes & accessories in the Indian market today. It is superior in every way, from a life-like feel to smoking without the harmful effects of tar, carcinogens, and carbon monoxide. It gratifies satisfaction in your smoking experience like you are smoking the traditional tobacco cigarette without the harmful effects of tar, carcinogens, and carbon monoxide.

What is more enticing with Smokefree e-cigarettes is that, there is no second hand smoke or pungent odors which make this product possible to smoke wherever most smoking bans are present. It is also very economical because it only costs you up to 50% less than a pack of cigarettes. Puffing on the e-cigs is also just a little bit different. First make sure that you keep it flat or horizontal, to protect mucous membrane from direct contact with nicotine liquid from the inside of the cartridge. For a better performance in smoke production take a longer slower puff just enough to activate the light at the end of the cigarette. As long as you have enough wind to activate the battery, it will practically smoke itself and the smoke should start pouring in. Then once you think enough smoke has been produce, the only thing left is inhaling the smoke and then exhaling. Because it does not smoke down to the filter like an ordinary cigarette, taking about 14-16 puffs off the Smokefree cigarette is equivalent to one ordinary cigarette.


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