Pledge to Switch to Electronic Cigarettes for the New Year

The onset of a brand new year-2012, is the perfect occassion to stub your cigarette buds good riddance forever and make the transition to harmless electronic cigarettes. Atleast its much better than kidding yourself year after year that you are going to quit, for the umpteenth time. This 2012, make a resolution for better health without compromising on your mode of fun. Make smoking fun, but not filthy. Vape, but dont smoke. href=””>Electronic cigarettes can be the ideal start to a healthy New Year because they are truly a smokefree alternative to harmful tobacco smoke.

The secret to success of any New Year’s resolution is choosing a goal that is truly attainable. Making it fun can make it happen, and there’s no better way to quit smoking than picking up Smokefree’s electronic cigarette starter kits and trying it out now. It’s possible to be 100% smoke-free by the end of the year! Getting on the bandwagon and making a pledge to stop smoking is one of the New Year’s resolutions possible, and getting started with a quality electronic cigarette is the way to make it happen.

Health Benefits In The New Year

Electronic cigarettes do not involve any combustion, so they don’t involve any smoke. What appears to be smoke when an e cigarette user exhales is actually harmless water vapor. This is the key that unlocks the pleasure and the benefits of e-cigarette use over tobacco use. Flavored e-cig cartridges contain nicotine and flavor, so there’s plenty of opportunity to choose higher or lower concentrations of nicotine mixed with the perfect flavor, too. Most importantly, there’s no toxic smoke to fill the lungs or fill the room with tars and carcinogens. Those days are over for smokers who make a switch to e-cigarettes as a New Year’s resolution. Eliminating harmful tobacco smoke and choosing to reduce nicotine consumption puts any smoker on the road to keeping a resolution and improving personal health.

Cost Savings In The New Year

There’s truly good news about saving money in the New Year that comes right along with the resolution to switch to Smokefree electronic cigarettes. Cartridges can be refilled and reused many times. The liquid nicotine and e cigarette refill flavoring combinations are nearly endless, making it a constant source of entertainment and enjoyment, and of course a significant cost savings over commercially prepared cartridges. Former smokers report a significant cost savings over the money they used to spend on tobacco cigarettes. New electronic cigarette users will more than likely decide to try starter kits, and those who do, will produce big cost savings when they graduate to refillable e cigarettes. A serious smoker who becomes a serious electric cigarette user and refills cartridges at home will certainly report cost savings. Has there ever been a better time in history to make the switch to electronic cigarettes for a New Year’s resolution?

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