Quit making excuses for Not Quitting

E-cigarettes are a healthy alternative to regular cigarettes. Tobacco and tar free, you get all the pleasure of a smoke, without the harm. No more carcinogens, no more tobacco, e-cigarettes allow you to indulge, without detriment to yourself or others. Instead of making empty promises and excuses for not quitting smoking, switch to e-cigarettes so that you are not answerable to your loved ones about smoking. If you cant quit smoking year after year, then its time to change to a healthier alternative-a tar free, tobacco free, ash-free, smokefree electronic cigarette.

Health considerations aside (no more inhaling carbon monoxide or exposing your friends, family and people around you to harmful carcinogens), there are lots of benefits to choosing the sexy e-cigarette, the smoke and tar free alternative.

Imagine being able to enjoy the pleasure of a smoke any time you want, without disturbing the people around you with heavy smell or dirty ash. You can also choose from a large variety of flavors such as coffee, chocolate, strawberry, apple and more. When you smoke one of our electric cigarettes, you are exhaling water vapor, so you can light up anywhere – at work, in a train, in a restaurant. Plus you end up saving a lot of money as you no longer shell out monthly on packs and packs of cigarettes.

Hundreds of people everyday are discovering the secret to cigarette smoking reduction and the miraculous benefits of the electronic cigarette. Here is what some smokers have to say about the ecig:

My girlfriend was on me to give up the cigarettes – it got to the point where she wouldn’t kiss me till I’d brushed my teeth! I was desperate to make a change, but I wasn’t sure I could quit, or that I even wanted to. E-cigs were the answer to my prayers – now I get to smoke, and my girlfriend still kisses me! -Brad Newton, Rhode Island

What a preferable option to smoking outside on a cold winter’s day! - Josh Miller, Florida

I have been trying to quit smoking for years – and I’ve tried everything – nicotine patches, nicotine gum – you name it! The e-cigarette helped me make the transition from a pack-a-day smoker, to a barely touching a real cigarette a day. If I keep this up I may succeed in my goal of quitting entirely. - Cherlynne Baxter, New York

Amazing cigarette replacements – I’m going to be back for more! Thank you! - Gertrude Linley-Stokes, Colorado

My family physician told me about e-cigarettes. I’ve had little success cutting back on the habit, and he mentioned that his brother had lowered his daily smokes by replacing real cigarettes with e cigs. Just the action of having something similar to a real cigarette which I can ‘smoke’ is psychologically helpful. Plus they are actually quite tasty, making the experience all the more pleasurable. - Randal P. Fink, Jr., Ohio

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