Quit smoking in the time it takes you to charge your e-cig!

Smoking is no longer a huge health risk as long as smokers choose electronic cigarettes over traditional tobacco-containing cigarette. There are numerous benefits in using an e-cigarette instead of the traditional stick. In fact, these reasons are recognized globally, as the shift from tobacco to electronic becomes a trend. For one, the e-cigarette does not contain tobacco that is the primary source of health risk in cigarettes. Smoking tobacco opens doors for contracting cancer or emphysema. But the electronic cigarette, a battery-powered device, does not burn tobacco. It only gives off nicotine fix for the smoker.

E-Cigarette Is The Modern Smoker’s Answers To Tobacco Issues

These smokefree e-cigarettes only contain liquid nicotine that turn into smoke-like vapor when puffed. The visual effect of this gives the regular smoker the same sensation that a traditional cigarette brings, except the smoke from e-cigarettes is harmless. Some people who had made it a goal to finally stop smoking are counting on e-cigarettes for their nicotine fix. There are various flavors available if the e-cigarette smoker is into it; a smoker can have coffee-flavored or fruity-flavored nicotine.

When the e cigarette was first introduced in the market, it made it to the news on a negative light, primarily because it did not taste good for a lot of smokers. Now, after improvements done by manufacturing companies, smokers are saying that there is hardly any difference between the traditional tobacco stick and the cigarette-looking electronic device, that is when it comes to taste and the smoking experience.

Indeed, there are numerous differences between smoking the nicotine-containing battery-powered device and smoking tobacco. Aside from reduced health risk, a smoker can now enjoy smoking even in public places. Without the stink of burnt tobacco, second hand smokers will not complain if anyone takes out a stick for a nicotine fix anytime, anywhere. Flame is not necessary in lighting an electronic cigarette, so there is also less danger in accidentally burning down anything with a stick of e-cigarette.

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