Save a trip to the Ashtray

The new introduce you to the all electronic cigarette. These battery-powered gizmos are a true sensation taking the world by storm and making headlines in a new city everyday. Electronic cigarettes deliver users a serious portion of vaporized nicotine that is supposed to sate even the most demanding of smokers in India, without the presence of tobacco, tar and chemicals. As Dr Kumar from the Health ministry reports—”with a healthy puff of irony and caution—e-cigarettes could be Smoking 2.0.”

In particular, these gadgets sidestep the 4,000-plus chemicals present in standard cigarette smoke that plume into one’s lungs from the burning of tobacco and tar. This allows e-cigarette smokers to avoid the 50 or so cancer-causing components of normal cigarettes. Not surprisingly, e-cigarette companies in India make grandiose statements about the health benefits of their wares. E-cigarettes work like this: Nicotine is dissolved in propylene glycol, and the combination is stored in a cartridge that is designed to look like a traditional orange cigarette filter. The nicotine cartridge screws onto the main body of the e-cigarette, which contains a rechargeable battery that powers an electrical circuit. When the smoker inhales, a sensor in the circuit is activated. This causes a red-light-emitting diode at the tip to turn on. More importantly, the nicotine and propylene glycol are heated up so that they vaporize and get sucked into the smoker’s lungs. What you blow out is a harmless Smokefree vapour, and it saves you a trip to the ashtray.

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