SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette Viral Video Contest

The Contest:

Contestants have to produce an entertaining ad film featuring Smokefree electronic cigarettes. The video should reflect the benefits of Smokefree electronic cigarettes and can include any script, action, story, theme and person to depict the positive impact of Smokefree electronic cigarettes. The video must be entirely self created, filmed and submitted to A.S Smokefree Electronic Cigarettes by an individual or team of people.


The Reward:

SMOKEFREE Electric Cigarette Viral Video Contest Prizes:
First Prize: Rs 2.5 Lacs
Second Place: Apple Ipad
Third Place: SMOKEFREE Deluxe Kit and 10*Cartridge Boxes

How to Enter the Contest:

Title: The words: “SMOKEFREE Viral Video” must appear at the beginning of the YouTube video title.
Example: “SMOKEFREE Viral Video: Kick the Butt”
Description: A description of the video in the Contestant’s own words. There is no limit on the length of the description.
Tags: The following YouTube video tags are required: viral, video, contest, SMOKEFREE.
Privacy: All contest entries should be placed on YouTube using the Public privacy setting.
A link to the YouTube page where the video resides should be sent to: with the words Viral Video Contest in the email subject line. In the body of the email message the applicant will put the following:

  1. a. Video Title
  2. b. Contestant’s Name
  3. c. Contestant’s Address
  4. d. Contact Phone Number
  5. e. A link to the video on YouTube

All contest entries must be received no later than April 24th 2012, at 11:59pm Indian Time. Any entries received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Below are the basic official rules for the SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette Viral Video Contest. However it is important to visit for the entire detailed list of rules.

-All videos must have the SMOKEFREE E-cigarette (“Product”) as the subject/idea/theme of all submitted videos. This may include the product itself or use of the product. Any videos which are deemed to not be related to the Product in any way may be disqualified. Artistic interpretation is encouraged, but the end user must be able to interpret the video as being related to the Product in some way.

-Videos may be produced in any style i.e. a normal motion picture video or an animated video. The objective is to obtain as many views as possible and for the e-cig video to “go viral”.

-Try to keep the length of video under 2 Minutes. All elements of the video, including music (if any), must be original to the producer or must be properly licensed with proof of usage rights.

-The contestant is 100% responsible for all production costs of their video.

-The contestant is 100% responsible for the creation of a video

-All submissions will become the property of Sponsor. Contestant waives all rights, including any moral rights, in and to the submission.

-Any submission deemed inappropriate or unsuitable, in Sponsor’s sole discretion, will be disqualified.

-The submission must be the original work of the Contestant.

-The submission must be uploaded in accordance with the specifications set forth in the contest rules as displayed on the website.

Judging and Final Prizes:

Contestants will submit videos to you YouTube and will be chosen as finalists based on the views they get through personal promotion. The 3 users with the most views after a period of 1 Month will then be selected as finalists and the videos will be displayed on top 3 prize winners will be decided by the Management of A S SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette Pvt Ltd.

The Grand Prize Winner and Second and Third Place winners will be notified by phone/mail and will also be announced on the SMOKEFREE website.

Note: The use of robotic or automatic devices for voting is prohibited and Sponsor reserves the right to nullify all such votes and to disqualify the responsible individual from voting.

This Contest is sponsored by A S SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette Pvt Ltd.

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