Smokefree Success Story

Do e-cigarettes help smokers quit? As on-line forums are filling up with stories from former smokers who have switched to e-cigarettes, some unexpected results are surfacing. Tobacco consumers who have tried all the doctor prescribed treatments and suffered through ‘cold turkey’ experiences to no avail are finding that by substituting e-cigarettes for traditional cigarettes, they are finally able to get tobacco permanently out of their lives.

One story tells of a woman who was raised by smokers and started herself at 14 years old. She was haunted by her addiction, believing she was a ‘bad person’ because she smoked. She watched her father die of emphysema, smoking until the very end. She knew that she could meet the same fate if she didn’t quit soon. Her husband, who was also a smoker and trying to quit, called her excitedly one day to tell her about Smokefree e-cigs. There was a news article about e-cigarettes, and she was so excited she rushed home and ordered some right away. From the time she received her starter kit to present, she has begun to do so many things she has wanted to do, but that her cigarette addiction has kept her from attempting. Although she admits to having a ‘vape’ from time to time, she no longer feels the stigma of being a ’smoker’ and is enjoying a healthy and productive life style.

Now that Smokefree e-cigarettes have been on the market a while, people are starting to report their ‘anniversaries’ of tobacco-free living. One young man tells about his first anniversary without cigarettes, and recounts that although the switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes was easier than he thought, there were days when he was sorely tempted to go back to cigarettes. Thanks to the internet, he could use the support system available through the Smokefree facebook page for encouragement and now he can celebrate one year without ‘lighting up.’

Some success stories deal with the freedom that Smokefree e-cigarettes have brought into smoker’s daily lives. One lady’s husband suffered a heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital where he stayed for a week. She reported that without her e-cigarettes, she would have had a miserable time because there was no smoking allowed anywhere on the hospital grounds. But her Smokefree e-cigarette posed no problems, in fact it attracted a lot of positive attention and she was able to spread the word to others interested in kicking the habit themselves or recommending e-cigarettes to smokers.

Many heavy smokers report that they are able to reduce a two pack a day habit to 3 to 7 ‘analogs.’ One young man reports he was just going to take ‘baby steps’ toward his addiction, but is thrilled to report that after just 2 months using e-cigarettes, he has quit tobacco. He claims he much healthier and energetic. Although his goal was not originally to quit smoking, it turns out that he is greatly encouraged about his ability have a nicotine-free life in the very near future.

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