Smokefree takes India by Storm

SMOKEFREE announced that through online research, they have discovered their brand of electronic cigarettes is the most consistently high ranked company in India. Internal research revealed SMOKEFREE is ranked #1 among the leading e-cigarette review sites on the web and has a #1 ranking with over thirty sites.
Not only do smoking enthusiasts in India acknowledge the metal of SMOKEFREE over other e cigarette brands, the fact remains that they also almost always affirm the flawless manufacturing ability which makes these cigarettes stand apart from the rest of the crowd.
SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette is The Healthier Alternative to Regular Cigarette’s. Even in these days of strict laws banning smoking in public places ,these gadgets let people puff away legally in cinemas, restaurants and airports. Manufacturer claimed these don’t contain any of the 4,000 cancer-causing substances like tar and carbon monoxide found in regular fags and are, therefore , a healthier smoking alternative which could help users kick the butt eventually.
SMOKEFREE is a New Delhi based electronic cigarette company that has been on the market . Their product is sold at half the price of their competitors brand with better quality and superior customer service. They also have money back guarantee that is perfect for those switching to electronic cigarettes allowing them for the first time to test the product – risk free. SMOKEFREE also has just launched Dussehra Festive Offer that allows customers to save 15% on all products including cartridges when you connect on Facebook at the Checkout Page.
Electronic cigarettes are hand-held electronic devises that flash vaporize a liquid nicotine solution instead of burning tobacco. This allows e-cigarettes to create liquid vapor instead of smoke which is odorless, non-toxic and creates no second-hand smoke.

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