Smokeless Cigarettes are Changing how Smokers Live

Smokefree cigarettes are an eco friendly and healthier option that is not only cheaper than traditional cigarettes, they can be smoked almost anywhere. They offer the nicotine flavor that smokers want without the smoke and flame. The smokefree e-cigs is made up of three parts; an atomizer, cartridge and battery. The atomizer heats the cartridge and causes water vapor, which looks like traditional cigarette smoke without the tobacco smell.

The smokefree e-cigarette is an eco friendly alternative to the traditional cigarette. They do not emit smoke but water vapor instead. Because they are reusable, you are not left with a butt when you are done smoking, therefore producing less waste.

Smokefree electronic cigarettes are healthier than tobacco cigarettes. They offer the look and feel of a traditional cigarette without the tar, tobacco or smoke associated with one. They are also free of the chemicals commonly found in traditional smokes.

Smokefree e-cigarettes come in varying flavors for the replacement cartridges. In addition to the traditional tobacco flavor, cartridges are also available in cherry, vanilla, mint and apple flavors to name a few. The cartridges are also available in varying nicotine concentrations including zero mg nicotine levels.

With the increasing prices of traditional cigarettes, smokefree cigarettes are a more cost efficient option for smokers. After the initial purchase of a starter kit, one can expect to save 50 to 80 percent compared to traditional cigarettes. The smokefree cigarette works off a rechargeable battery, therefore there is no need to buy cigarette lighters. The cartridges for the starter kits and atomziers are equal to a pack of 20 cigarettes but are about half of the price of a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

With smokefree , you are able to smoke just about anywhere traditional cigarettes are not allowed. Because they are not lit and do not contain tobacco, they can be smoked without breaching the Smoking Health Act Ban.

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