Smokeless Electric Cigarette Starts an E-smoking Revolution

The smokefree electronic cigarette could easily be the most revolutionary invention for smokers, ever. Smokers have long desired to quit smoking, but sometimes the addiction to routine is too great. Nicotine plays a role in smoking addiction too, but the entire smoking experience is something that many smokers crave. If there was a way for smokers to continue smoking without damaging their health, chances are it would get quite popular – and that is exactly what has happened with the smokeless electric cigarette.

The smokeless electric cigarette has enabled smokers to enjoy the same overall smoking experience without the health risks for the first time. Tobacco cigarettes are notorious for the high levels of different chemicals and carcinogens they contain. A smokeless electric cigarette has hardly any of these chemicals, and the only chemicals there are, are present in such low levels that they are basically harmless to human health. You don’t get the tar and carbon monoxide that comes along with tobacco cigarettes either, and the stains and yellow teeth that all too frequently characterise heavy tobacco smokers are also now a thing of the past.

Other perks

Using a smokefree e-cigarette offers a number of further perks as well. If you thought that maintaining a smoking habit was always going to be expensive, you will probably be delighted to discover just how cheap electric cigarettes are. Electronic cigarettes run on refill cartridges that you can purchase at any on-line retailer that sells them. Each refill cartridge should last around as much time as 15 to 20 cigarettes would. But here’s the really good news – each cartridge should cost less than one pound each. This means that you get to smoke almost the same amount as a full pack of 20 cigarettes while only paying about 10% of the average price for one of those packs.

Not only that, but smokeless electric cigarette cartridges can be bought with different flavours. If you get bored of the taste of tobacco and want to try something a little different, there are other exotic flavours that you can test in your own time.

Smoking in public

Another huge benefit to the smokefree e-cig has to do with being able to smoke wherever you like. In the past, tobacco cigarettes could be smoked pretty much anywhere as well, but recent tobacco bans have restricted the smoking of tobacco cigarettes in almost all indoor public places. However, smokeless electric cigarette products are not regulated as tobacco products; you can circumvent the tobacco bans with ease. Being able to smoke anywhere you want is something that many e-smokers find extremely attractive about the smokeless electric cigarette. It could easily be one of the main reasons why many people take up electronic cigarette smoking in the first place.


The smokefree e cigarette offers the user so many benefits and advantages that it is difficult for many to even consider continuing to smoke tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are just so much safer, cheaper, and cleaner than tobacco cigarettes. The smokeless electric cigarette does not smell, or stain your clothes or your teeth, and you can even smoke it on most planes. Why not buy electronic cigarette today and try one out for yourself?



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