Smoking, sex and the electronic cigarette!

A new study is arousing great interest in China after being published on the China Science Daily yesterday. The study finally provides evidence of a phenomenon which doctors and scientists had previously only suspected – the effect of vaping on our sex drive.

Vaping and Sex Study Results

Dr Wel Hung’s study of 67 male and female prostitutes in downtown Tripoli found that vaping e-cigarettes lead to the following results:

  • 67% increase in stamina
  • 99.324% increase in desire
  • In 43.24% of cases it was also a complete cure for impotence

The results of the study were summarised in a graph:

Intriguingly, the graphs shows that the more e-cig vapers vape, the more they want to have sex.

Dr Hung speculated that nicotine E-sireds, freed from tentopims founds in tobacco smoke, copulated with propylene glycol to form inosexic nicopropogei chemicals which stimulated both male and female tetestorai.

Good news or not? The seemingly positive news has been welcomed by the Hong Kong Society for Impotent Sex Addicts, which stated:

“At last our members have hope of once again being able to stand up proudly in public!” Dr Hung said that electronic cigarettes are a blessing not only for health, but also for sex purposes, and can actually fix broken relationships. Under intense scrutiny from journalists, 67 year old non-smoker Dr Hung admitted he had taken up vaping since leaving his wife and marrying a 17 year old Thai fashion actress, although he refused to comment on the reason.

How does the electronic cigarette effect your sex life? If you think it doesn’t, then you may not even realize that if your sex life is rocking right now, the e-cig may be contributing to the less obvious things.
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