Spare your Kitten the Smoke

Have you tried desperately to stop smoking and still unable to give the urge? Then, it’s time for you to try e-cigarettes! Electric cigarettes are re- usable and environment friendly as they are a great way to go green while smoking. Everyday our eco-system is getting worse as ordinary cigarette smokers toss trillions of butts and tips each year damaging our planet. Even hundreds of animals die each year from digesting thrown away cigarette tips.

Thus, the positive way to help our environment is start using re-usable best E cigarettes. These E cigs offer many options to choose from that ordinary cigs as they come in many flavors, nicotine levels and sizes. For the traditional smokers, there is full flavored and there are also flavours such as cherry, vanilla, coffee, apple and strawberry. E cigs also come in coffee, almond, menthol and vanilla variety too and one E cigs cartridge is equal to 15 regular cigs, so they cost a lot less and last much longer.

These E cigs come in full strength, ultra light, light or non- nicotine. In order to suit your personal tastes, you can get your nicotine and non-nicotine mini E cigs and these e-cigarettes are more fun and modern. The main advantage of these best E cigs is that you can smoke anywhere even in places where smoking is generally banned like airports, airplanes, bars, parties and restaurants. As these Electronic cigarettes are odorless leaving no offensive odors, the people around you will not be bothered in any way when you are smoking. Apart from you nobody will be able to taste the vapor inhaled by you and hence these mini are the cigs of the future as they save lots of money.

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