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Quit smoking in the time it takes you to charge your e-cig!

Smoking is no longer a huge health risk as long as smokers choose electronic cigarettes over traditional tobacco-containing cigarette. There are numerous benefits in using an e-cigarette instead of the traditional stick. In fact, these reasons are recognized globally, as … Continue reading

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This Christmas, fly back home in style with your e-cig!

If you want to know about federal regulations concerning smoking e-cigarettes on an airplane, this article hopes to give you some insight about the subject in which you can do to make sure that you are within federal regulations when … Continue reading

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The only 2 ways to quit smoking are DETERMINATION AND E-CIGARETTES

“I’ve been asked a lot whether electronic cigarettes actually work. I always answer with the same thing. Yes, they do work, but only if you’re willing to quit smoking. There is no wonderful miracle drug or device that allows you … Continue reading

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Electronic Cig, A Revolution For Smokers

There was a period in history when it was hard to ask for a thing and to get something else that was equivalent to it. We always knew that what we were asking for. So fade were our chances to … Continue reading

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