The only 2 ways to quit smoking are DETERMINATION AND E-CIGARETTES

“I’ve been asked a lot whether electronic cigarettes actually work. I always answer with the same thing. Yes, they do work, but only if you’re willing to quit smoking. There is no wonderful miracle drug or device that allows you to click your fingers and suddenly you don’t want to smoke cigarettes any more. Unless you actually want to quit, you never will.

That being said, one of the best success rates of quitting is with e-cigarettes. It must be the fact that the device is so similar to a real cigarette, so it brings with it things that patches or gum just couldn’t. It doesn’t feel like you’re quitting, and you still feel like you’re doing something you shouldn’t when smoking it. It’s a weird feeling to get used to – that you’re not harming your health or your wallet by smoking e-cigs.

In a recent study on the success rate of the electronic cigarettes, it was found that out of 2,000 people questionnaired:
83.03% totally quit conventional cigarettes for electronic cigarettes
16.36% cut down on conventional cigarette drastically, and used their e cigarette the most
0.62% only use electronic cigarettes when they can’t use their traditional cigarettes (on a plane or in a bar).

It’s blindingly obvious that electronic cigarettes are the best way to quit for the majority of people. There are a lot of benefits to using electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes.

The obvious benefit is that to your health. The electronic cigarette isn’t full of all the crap you’d usually find in a cigarette, and essentially just contains water and nicotine. Nicotine by itself isn’t harmful at all, it’s just the horrible tar and carbon monoxide/dioxide that does the damage. Electronic cigarettes contain none of that.

Electronic cigarettes are cheaper. Much cheaper. A single cartridge will last the equivalent of 20 cigarettes. A single cartridge for an electronic cigarette will only cost you Rs 20 and last you the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes, which you buy for Rs 100.

It’s legal to smoke in public. You won’t get a slap on the wrists or be asked to leave if you’re soking an electronic cigarette in your local pub, bar, stadium, train, bus, or anywhere! They’re totally legal, you can even smoke them on planes.

It’s far more sociable. People are often put off or disgusted by someone smoking near them. Mainly because of the smell, taste and the horrible linger in the air afterwards. But with electronic cigarettes the vapor is odorless, and disappears much faster than smoke. The vapor doesn’t taste of anything either, so you won’t annoy anyone.

Choose your nicotine strength. You can use the electronic cigarette as a tool to get yourself off cigarettes entirely. If you’re a heavy smoker then you can begin on the high strength cartridges, then move onto the medium strength, then low strength – you can even smoke cartridges with no nicotine at all, and treat yourself to a yummy vanilla, coffee, apple, or cherry infused cartridge instead.”

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