The many pleasures of e-smoking…

It didn’t take them long to come out with a solution to the smoking ban, as the Electronic cigarette is now amongst us.  After several years of careful development, smokeless cigarettes have now been perfected.  These smokefree cigarettes have become a real and viable substitute to ignition and smoking of tobacco products.

Electronic Cigarettes such as Smokefree is known by its various manufactures is similar to smoking a real cigarette except that there is no combustion, no tobacco and more importantly no smoke.  Also there is no passive smoking or second hand smoke.

What is produced by smoking an electric cigarette is actually a nicotine infused vapor, this vapor, though it looks like smoke is in fact just atomised air, and a nicotine solution.  The nicotine solution is made from propylene glycerol and is called E-Juice.  This E-Juice is housed in a small vessel within the “filter tip” and when puffed on by the “smoker” an electric current vaporises some of this “E-Juice” into a nicotine infused vapor.

The nicotine is important, as this is what “fixes” the cravings that all smokers get.  Smoking is highly addictive and really, one should not take up smoking as it is inherently unhealthy and can be the catalyst for cancer, heart disease and other medical problems. Smoking tobacco induces an early death, with every smoke filled breath.

Smoking real cigarettes in the form of tobacco is enjoyable for the smoker but pollutes the adjacent atmosphere and this second hand smoke can cause illnesses when breathed in by non-smokers, children and the weak and frail.  This is the main reason why smoking has been banned in almost all buildings, public transport and public areas.

Until now…With the advent of the e cigarette, the “smoker” is now a “vaporer” who “vapes” rather than a smoker who smokes and even though the vaporer gets the full effects of smoking, his adjacent atmosphere is zero polluted.  Zero pollution is a reality now, as there is no smoke, second hand or otherwise, only a fine mist water vapor.  This vaporised water has absolutely no smoke related pollutants within it, so elements like tar and other carcinogens  are not present.

Because of the elimination of these harmful elements the e- cigarette is safe and legal to smoke indoors, in public places and even around children. Although I would not recommend smoking in sight of children as it may encourage them, so try to avoid doing so, its only common sense after all.


There are three main components to the e-cig.  The filter, the vaporizer/atomizer and the battery.  The battery that comprises 80% of the cigarette itself needs to be charged up in a USB charger to supply the puffing power and also the energy to illuminate the red/orange glowing light at the end of the cigarette.  The vaporizer screws into the end, this is the catalyst that makes the “smoke” vapor.  The filter contains the nicotine solution, secreted in a small integral vessel and are good for 50 or so puffs then they need to be disposed of and replaced with a new tip.  Normally bought in boxes of 10 for  a couple of dollars/pounds.

These tips can now be refilled by purchasing the nicotine solution in little bottles with a dropper nozzle to add the required amount into the tip.

The pleasures of vaping the ecig can only be experienced and not described. But we can try. Its fresher, cleaner, lighter, cheaper, greener, healthier, and believe us, much better.


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