The Presence of Smokefree Cigarettes

SMOKEFREE is India’s First Electronic Cigarette Brand, established in 2011. Our purpose is to provide an healthier alternative to harmful tobacco cigarettes. Smokefree Electronic Cigarettes serve the purpose of helping people quit smoking by standing as an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. Smokefree e-cigs have batteries instead of tobacco, cartridges instead of nicotine, water vapour instead of smoke!

A Smokefree cigarette is made up 3 components. 1) The Cartridge. This contains the flavoured e-liquid inhaled during smoking. 2) The Atomizer. This changes the liquid from the cartridge into a vapour(smoke look alike) 3) The Battery, which is rechargable and has a micro processor which controls the atomizer. The tip is an LED light which blinks when the battery is low. Smokefree e- cigarettes come with tobacco flavoured cartridges and infused flavoured cartridges, all of which can be customised with differing amounts of nicotine. One Cartridge for Rs 20 would last you the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes. Our e-cigarettes can be smoked legally in public places as they are Smokefree.

Smokefree Pruduct Palette:

Deluxe Kit- 10 cartridges plus more
USB Kit- 2 cartridges plus more
Starter Kit-5 cartridges plus more
Tobacco Flavour Cartridges
Infused Flavour Cartridges
Disposable Cigarettes
Smokefree Battery
Wireless USB Charger

New Products:


Launching Soon:

Cigarette Cessation Cards

Smokefree’s Recent Achievements:

  • Kiosk at the Centerstage mall in Noida
  • Kiosk at a mall in Faridabad
  • Radio Jingle on various radio stations
  • On the Shelves of multiple 24/7 outlets in Delhi
  • Online
  • Online Video viral on YouTube with over 72,568 hits
  • Facebook Fan page with over 71078 fans


Smokefree India has the vision, drive, and determination to convert the smokers of India to a healthier smoking alternative-Smokefree Electronic Cigarettes.

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