The Story of Michelle’s switch to electronic cigarettes

“My name is Michelle Collins. This is my testimonial of quitting smoking; using electronic cigarettes!

10 years ago I quit smoking cigarettes. At that time I had smoked for 10 years. It was no easy task but I had to because lung cancer runs ramped in my family. I quit shortly after my aunt passed away from it.

Back then I used the gum and got hooked on it! Eventually I got off of that too.

For some stupid reason I started back up again last year. Now my husband quit 10 years ago too, so he HATES the smell; and was not happy AT ALL! I was not smoking in the house, or the car, outside only. Still he could smell it. He had his little snide comments when I would come in. I would: brush my teeth, wash my hands, sprits myself, and he would still smell it! I should know this after being smoke free for 10 years!

This Christmas he decided to get me a gift that would help us both! He got me e-cigarettes. At first I thought it was ridiculous, in fact I stashed a pack of real cigs in my closet because I did not think it would work. When the kit came in and I tried my first hit I was shocked, it made me cough! It does take a little getting comfortable with the weight of them. The ones I got are small and look like a real cigarette but they are a little heavy at first. I am free from tobacco for almost 2 weeks now with absolutely no urge for the real thing. As a matter of fact when I first got the kit I was not keeping up with charging the batteries and they ran out. My husband was not home so I plugged them in. Instead of waiting for one to charge: I went to my stash , stepped outside and lit up! IT WAS SOOOOOO GROSS! After puffing on the E-Cigs I was spoiled! No odor, no bad taste in your mouth! Just the sensation of smoking, the nicotine and the “smoke” (which is actually vapor not smoke). I can smoke in the house, in the car AND I am saving a ridiculous amount of money on the habit! There is just nothing bad I can say!

I went to my mothers after I tested them; to share one with her. She is a very hard core smoker. She took a puff started coughing, then took another …. well she just bought the kit if that tells you anything”

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