This year, say “I Quit Smoking” and stick to it!

Smoking is a difficult addiction for many people to quit. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that slowly leaves the body, making it hard for people to get over their addiction. Cigarettes are also widely available and socially acceptable, creating withdrawal symptoms, drawing people back into the habit easily. Millions of people make quitting smoking their New Years resolution every year. If you can’t quit smoking, try switching to an e-cigarette this New Years.

You’ve possibly already seen the commercials and heard about e-cig devices. These devices are created in the shape of a cigarette. They electronically heat and prepare a puff of nicotine which you can then inhale. The nicotine passes through your throat and into your lungs, the same way it does as a cigarette but not in a puff of smoke. The electronic cigarette releases harmless steam into the air with each use.

What you may not understand is the health benefits linked to using e-cigarettes. Professor Carl Phillips of the Tobacco Harm Reduction Institute at the University of Alberta, Canada says that there is “absolutely no doubt” that e-cigarettes are “a safer alternative to regular cigarettes.” He states that it is around “99 percent less harmful than smoking.

Switching to the e cigarette may therefore be much more healthier for you than regular smoking. But perhaps you’ve heard arguments that e-cigarettes create harmful side effects or that addiction to this type of nicotine is just as harmful as addiction to nicotine in normal side effects.

Not so, according to Dr. Michael Siegel, a college professor who is strongly anti-tobacco. Dr. Siegal has lobbied for many years to ban smoking in public areas and he has testified against tobacco companies in court. However, he does not agree with anti-smoking advocates that want to take e-cigarettes off the market.

He claims that these people want to take it off the market due to “ideology rather than science” which is a major problem for Dr. Siegal. He claims that anti-smoking advocates are trying to get these off of the market “despite evidence that electronic cigarettes are much safer than conventional cigarettes.”

The major health risks associated with smoking is due to the inhalation of smoke. The smoke from cigarettes and tobacco is laced with carcinogens and debris that is harmful to the throat and lungs. E-cigarettes don’t operate on smoke but on steam, eliminating the harmful smoke and carcinogenic and debris threat.

Electronic cigarettes are the greatest and safest alternative to tobacco smoking.”

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