To Make Cancer Treatment Effective, Quit Smoking

Over 1.1 billion people smoke all over the world. Smoking is one habit a lot of people are into. It is a form of recreational drug use. Substances smoked may range from Opium and Cannabis to narcotics like heroin. The most popular substance smoked today is tobacco.Smoking apparatus include cigars, pipes, hookas, bidis, vaporizers, bongs and the smoke free electric cigarette.

The most common form of smoking is still through cigarettes manufactured by big tobacco companies. Cigarettes are tobacco in rolled paper. In some cultures, smoking is part of a ritual. It is sometimes used to induce a trance and may be used for spiritual enlightenment.

Today, more people prefer the smoke free electronic cigarette as an alternative to regular cigarettes because they can control their intake of nicotine. It comes in different designs with different milligrams of nicotine. Being able to control the levels of nicotine is especially helpful for people who want to gradually quit the habit.

Second hand smoke is said to be deadlier than the smoker’s smoke. The smoke free electronic cigarette does not create second hand smoke. It can be quite expensive but in the long run, it will turn out to be cheaper because 1 cartridge is equal to 15 regular sticks of tobacco.

People who have tried an electronic cigarette say that they prefer it more than the normal cigarette and have said that it can be quite addicting.

Over the years, doctors have advised that cigarette smoking is not good for the health. It has been said that smoking tobacco causes lung diseases such as emphysema and lung cancer and even heart problems. Governments around the world have realized the bad effects of cigarette smoking. This is one of the reasons why they have prohibited cigarette smoking in public places.

Cigarettes need to be burned before the nicotine is released through inhalation of the smoke it produces. A smoke free electronic cigarette need not be burned. Simply turn it on and it will release a vapour which contains nicotine.

Normal cigarettes contain chemicals that enhance flavor. A smokefree e-cigarette does not contain any other chemicals except nicotine and flavoring. It is the healthier alternative for people who want to quit but don’t want to go cold turkey.

More people are health conscious today. They are looking for ways on how to live a healthier lifestyle. Now, smokers have a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes because of the smoke free electronic cigarette. There are different kinds of e cigarettes to choose from.

Just like ordinary cigarettes it also has variants depending on nicotine content. Smokers can control how much nicotine they want on their electronic cigarettes. They can choose from 0 mg to 16 mg of nicotine content. These zero nicotine content vapors are just for the habit of smoking, but not the nicotine dependence.

Scientific study has conclusively shown that many smokers who are medically diagnosed of having cancer still continue to smoke cigarettes even though these people know that their health condition was facilitated by their smoking habit.

The link between smoking and cancer has been well established and for now, not even the tobacco cigarette manufacturers can deny the fact that smoking increases the risk of acquiring cancer.

The thing with cigarette is that, it does not only increase the smoker’s risk of contracting one of the serious health conditions that have been associated with the product but makes it possible for the smoker to suffer from multiple health problems.

Cancer in all its forms is a condition that is very difficult to manage although the condition affects a large number of people in the world. This has opened up the need for effective research in the area of cancer treatment. Scientists the world over are working seriously to find a cure for the deadly health condition.

Health care professionals are very much concerned about statistics that show that after several months of being diagnosed of having cancer, a good number of smokers still continue to engage in this deadly habit. What is even worrying is the fact that these people smoke cigarettes even when undergoing treatment for cancer.

It is a fact that current approach meant to treat cancer amongst cancer patients is not so effective especially when the condition is not diagnosed early enough. But for a cancer patient who continues to smoke, the cancer causing chemicals present in cigarettes will increase the person’s risk of contracting other forms of the health problem, making treatment ineffective.

In general terms, smokers are edged to quit smoking whiles non-smokers are encouraged to stay further away from cigarette smokers to avoid exposing themselves to the harm associated with second hand smoking. According to many experts, the first thing smokers who are diagnosed of cancer should do is to quit smoking as they undergo cancer treatment.

Medical professionals are being encouraged to monitor their patients and see to it that these patients actively embrace cigarette cessation measures.

But since it is a well known fact that most people cannot part from cigarettes due to the fact that they turn to this product when they are in a state of frustration or depression, it is going to be very difficult for such people to quit smoking after hearing of their cancer status.

For the sake of such people, the right regulatory bodies should endorse the efficacy of e- cigs. Electronic cigarettes will give these patients similar feelings as they would obtain from cigarettes but would drastically pull down their risk of contracting other forms of cancer.

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