Where Was the Electronic Cigarette When I Needed It?

The Benefits of Smokefree Electronic Cigarettes:

Smarter Alternative:

  • Electronic cigarettes contain zero tar, second hand smoke, and even burning substances.
  • Some electronic cigarettes like Luci contain a safety feature that prevents you from nicotine over consumption.
  • Some electric cigarettes contain a smart chip built into the product which will turn off the product if too much nicotine has been delivered in to short of an amount of time.
  • Shopping at Perfect Electronic Cigarette gives you the freedom to pick an electronic cigarette alternative that is best for you.
  • You can even choose to smoke the zero nicotine refills so that you can cut down or even eliminate your nicotine consumption.
  • Choose to smoke either high, medium, or zero nicotine refill cartridges.

  • Electronic cigarette refill cartridges are far less then traditional tobacco cigarettes.
  • Purchasing refill cartridges is a very low cost solution to traditional cigarettes.
  • The e-cigarette that contains a smart chip will turn off the product if you inhale too much nicotine in a short time so you can never over smoke.
Smoke Anywhere You Want:

  • You can now smoke indoors safe and free from the smoking bans.
  • An e-cig can improve the working conditions of smokers.
  • Get your nicotine fix in bars, airports, restaurants, clubs, libraries, and even offices.
  • You can safely smoke alongside non-smokers without having to worry about second hand smoke.
  • Electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco which allows you to conveniently smoke indoors.
  • No more ugly burn holes on carpet, furniture, or car seats.
  • No more messy ashes or poisonous residues to clean up.
  • Electronic cigarette batteries are rechargeable. Completely phasing out the need for a lighter.
  • Electronic cigarettes turn on automatically each and every time they are inhaled.
  • Electronic cigarette exhalation leaves a nice and pleasant aroma that quickly turns odorless upon dispersing into the air.
  • There is no smokey smell so your cloths, car, and furniture will not smell like nasty cigarette smoke.
  • Since you only breath out water vapor there is no more stains of your walls caused from second hand cigarette smoke.
  • The cost of getting your things cleaned and deodorized to remove the cigarette smell can be very expensive.
  • Electronic cigarettes do not stain your teeth yellow and leave you with a serious case of disgusting smokers breath.
Tastes, Looks and Even Functions Just Like a Real Cigarette:

  • Electronic cigarettes usually around the same size and shape as a regular tobacco cigarettes.
  • Electronic cigarettes are not heavy or bulky and you only have to carry one.
  • Electronic cigarettes give off a vapor that resembles smoke.
  • Electronic cigarettes have an LED light at the end that lights up whenever you inhale.
  • Refill cartridges for an e cigarette is available in a variety of great tasting and popular flavors.
  • Your friends will be simply amazed at this exciting new technology.




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